$180.00 USD


The Healing Collective: 3-Month Membership

Join your fellow HEAL and CFS School students for 3 months of support, inspiration, and connection!

Here's what's inside The Healing Collective: 

Up to 6 Live Meetings Per Month

  • Live Q&A meetings with our Somia Mentors that address students at their varying levels in the course
  • Special live meetings dedicated to fostering connection among the community 

The Community

The Community is a safe space for members to connect, share wisdom, and support one another, moderated by the Mentors.

Transition Support for the HEAL Program

Until mid-May in The Healing Collective much of the support will be focused on answering questions related to the transition from CFS School to the HEAL program. We’ll also be answering questions related to specific modules of the HEAL program.